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“Sharone's Calm Confidence program …definitely raised the bar for me with respect to my level of confidence. It's beautiful how it works.
She shows you how to flip a mental switch;.… Conflict becomes replaced with a Calm Confident feeling…. It’s a great experience”.

William Todd, Entrepreneur

Calm Confidence is one of the great secrets of success, known for ages by a select few and now revealed to you. It is a creative, experiential journey of learning, awareness of your self and the world around you. It will put you in control of yourself and your success.

Calm Confidence is that recognizable quality in a person's personality that is admired, respected and sought after by everyone. This quality leads directly to strength of character, economic prosperity, patience, focus and improved communication with others. Accomplish more, with less effort, and do so in a serene, courageous and unshakable manner. Through an understanding of this system, your success will not only reach new levels, you will learn to relax and fully enjoy all your achievements. Calm Confidence is an essential trait for ongoing success in the new economy.

Calm Confidence educational programs are based on the Benegbi Mind Methodology systems synthesized by Sharone Benegbi. Mind Methodology is a human technology that works on strengthening the nervous system and balancing the glandular system, to create harmony in the energy systems of the mind and body. It is based on the integration of ancient and modern knowledge of Human Behavior, Psychology, the Mind-Body Connection, Theology, and Advanced Human Development. Mind Methodology is a personal discipline that empowers one with a natural path to health, happiness and self-mastery.

Calm Confidence is like a psychic light switch. By tapping into this resource, one can illuminate the darkness or challenges as soon as they appear. This instantaneous transformation of challenges into solutions comes from Calm Confidence. Problems may arise, but they are easily dealt with, and one remains unshakable and serene, even in the midst of chaos.

Calm comes from being in control of your breathing, thus controlling your mind and subsequently your life. Learning to relax and stay calm in the midst of anything and everything, is truly the great secret of success.

Confidence comes from being in Control of your SELF; knowing you are in Control of your SELF; and knowing that you know. Confidence is strength with style.

Calm Confidence is based on the Benegbi Mind Methodology Systems, which utilize Yogic postures, breathing techniques, the science of meditation and sound, and practical wisdom. One learns how to affect one's own destiny and evolution by merging the infinite and individual levels of consciousness, becoming one with the universal qualities of creativity and harmony.

Living in this CALM CONFIDENT manner creates a natural flow of energy that inspires you to live the life you truly desire.



    1. Obtain CALM CONFIDENCE in every moment of every day
    2. Gain control of your life
    3. Learn to have a relaxed & calm mind
    4. Develop trust and faith within the self, others and the process of life
    5. Have increased focus and a clearer vision of your goals
    6. Experience vibrant health, both physically & emotionally
    7. Get the results you want in all aspects of life
    8. Rediscover your creative flow
    9. Increase your income & earning potential
    10. Increase physical energy and mental concentration
    11. Expand your self-awareness & master you subconscious mind
    12. Become more effective and increase your productivity
    13. Learn how to breathe properly to increase vitality and concentration
    14. Develop intuition
    15. Strengthen leadership qualities
    16. Connect to your heart
    17. Build nerve & muscular strength
    18. Increase breathing capacity
    19. Develop equilibrium
    20. Reduce stress and relax
    21. Be happy, peaceful and healthy
    22. Free yourself from addictions
    23. Communicate effectively
    24. Enjoy vibrant health
    25. Manage and alleviate stress
    26. Have stronger, healthier relationships
    27. Learn how to relax and stay calm
    28. Improve focus and concentration
    29. Obtain a clearer and sharper mind
    30. Filter out negativity, fear, anger and doubt
    31. Integrate mind, body and spirit
    32. Enjoy inner peace and a happy state of mind
    33. Gain new perspectives and find solutions to life's challenges
    34. Gain clarity and insight to make effective decisions
    35. Shift pattern from stuck to resourceful
    36. Build inner strength
    37. Develop character
    38. Transform negativity 
    39. Become more balanced
    40. Gain problem solving techniques
    41. Cleanse and purify the body and mind
    42. Learn self control
    43. Expand healing potential
    44. Build a powerful presence
    45. Find protection from negativity
    46. Live joyfully with a higher level of awareness
    47. Be flexible in mind & body
    48. Learn to let go
    49. Be able to forgive
    50. Become the master of your destiny
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