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The key to achieving Calm Confidence is to learn how to adjust yourself immediately in any given situation. Consciousness is a moment to moment decision. Here are some techniques to practice that will allow you to have Self Control over your emotions and
reactions more naturally.

1.) When a challenge arises, bring your attention immediately to your breathing, and begin to practice, long, slow deep breathing in and out through your nose to induce immediate calm and control over your mind and emotional state. Continue this breathing as you bring your hands together as if you are about to clap them, palms pressed together in front of you, relaxed. This will further induce a NEUTRAL state that will allow you to assess the situation from a clear perspective.

2.) Smile. Yes, that’s correct…SMILE. It is a technique. You don’t have to feel happy but by changing your projection and smiling, you change your “mood”, energy and feelings, immediately. Practice.

3.) Have a full glass of water when you feel upset, irritated or angry, to shift your energy and balance your system.

4.) Mentally repeat the affirmation over and over again: "I am happy, I am grateful, I am strong". Positive affirmations help adjust the hemispheres of the brain by activating different meridian points in the mouth. Repeat this affirmation at least 26 times.

5.) Adjust your posture. Straighten your spine, relax your shoulders, lift the chest, bring the chin in a little and breathe. Straightening the spine will help remove blocked energy in the system as well as allowing the energy to flow naturally, affecting thoughts, feelings and actions.

6.) Take a five minute break and go to a quiet place where you can take 26 long deep breaths in and out through the left nostril only. This will cool the emotions immediately.

7.) Take a moment to tune into the infinite potential within you. In times of stress, mentally “tune in” to the vibration that you are in. Breathe, tell yourself to relax, and know that you are being guided by your teacher within. Ask for guidance and be open to a different perspective. Take the wiser path....consciously.

comes from being in control of your breathing, thus controlling your mind and subsequently your life. Learning to relax and stay calm in the midst of anything and everything, is truly the great secret of success.

comes from being in Control of your SELF; knowing you are in Control of your SELF; and knowing that you know. Confidence is strength with style. These powerful techniques are all within you, at any moment in time…take control over your life and your results by utilizing techniques to transform your life!

Enjoy your process!

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