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I purchased Sharone Benegbi's 10 week calm confidence program and instead of ending at 10 weeks, it went on for at least 15- 20 weeks, she really does go that extra mile for you. Before I started the program I had many road blocks in my life, but now I have a healthier and clearer path on where I want to be and where I'm going.

One of the many benefits from the program was me stopping smoking cigarettes and weed. Right at the beginning of the program Sharone wanted me to have optimal health and to get the full benefit from the program, so right there and then I made up my mind that I was going to stop punishing my mind and body with the smoking.

I set a date as to when I was going to stop the smoking, it would have been 3 weeks into the program and without patches or gimmicks I stopped smoking on that day. I did have a few relapse, where I would really crave for a cigarette, but what amazed me so much was when I did have that craving and I went for a cigarette was how horrible and nasty the cigarette tasted, there was no enjoyment from it at all, the taste and the smell just seemed magnified and that was from one pull. So the meditation I was doing had a real effect on helping me combat my addiction in a very short time.

My immune system has dramatically improved as well. Last year I had a cold which was one of the worst colds I have ever had, for the simple reason it lasted a whole 4 weeks, but this year when I had a cold it lasted 4 days, which was truly amazing. I also love the fact that my intuition as become strong again, it is now guiding me on the right path to success. I'm able to think clearer and make the right decisions in life.

Sharone is a wonderful human being, whom I truly looked forward to speaking to a on a weekly basis, I'm going to miss our calls, but with my daily meditations she will always be with me in my mind and my spirit for the rest of my life..

I thank you Sharone and God Bless You!!

United Kingdom

I have been practicing the meditation sessions for only two weeks now every morning before heading out to work. Being consciously aware when I get nervous has brought my attention and concentration on my breathing. Personal Development Coach's Bob Proctor and Marry Morrissey just agreed with me on a live streaming call that it does start from our breathing!!

I keep my posture straight at all times, being consciously aware that my posture is straight does show confident's. Breathing properly has given my nervous system a break. Don't understand the science of it but all I know, is that it works and actually started noticing how others are not breathing properly.

Maurizio Mucciarone
Positive Life Now / Life Coach/Entrepreneur
Woodbridge, Ontario

I've been working on change for some time and allowing & cherishing self love. This changed my environment considerably. I stopped abusing me; others in my immediate circle began respecting me too! That was the biggest change. This change started around 3 years ago.

Then I was invited to join you, Sharone, by Bob Proctor in February 2007. I realize I am safe now and I am starting to peel off the outter shell of a personality that was frightened and fearful. I had created a "protection" that was shy and timid but I feel good about myself now. I appreciate and am so thankful that you are kind and encouraging. Its okay for me to be who I am and you remind me that I am courageous and safe. Inside is a really fun, loving and warm person and I want to let the real ME enjoy life!

I have a really hectic and full house with lots of responsibilities, children and a full time work-from-home career. I wanted this life and I am really thankful to have so many blessings in my life. I wondered where I would ever find the time to practice the exercises you encourage us to do. I found solace and time when I'm showering, when I'm taking the trash out, when I wake up in the morning. Thank you for your gentle reminders and always being so kind to each of us!

I experienced a huge breakthrough this past week with a car experience that was a real challenge. Broken down I found myself breathing and calmly regaining my focus. I was able to work through it without anger or accusations or regret. It was also an opportunity for me to show my children how we are safe and everything is okay. We can handle the common struggles of life without getting anxious or stressed out. I was really proud of myself after dealing with the 'crisis' very calmly and it worked out better than expected in many ways.

Thank you for caring and being patient and continuing to encourage me and others...I think I don't do enough of the homework but you again were so kind today and said I am doing fine and really getting a grasp on how to celebrate every moment, calmly and confidently!

Its been a remarkable experience and Sharone you have helped me considerably! Keep sharing the love - you are beautiful!

Dee Dee Williams
Honeoye Falls, New York

I took Sharone’s course at Bob Proctor’s suggestion. I joined her program a few weeks after it had started. Sharone took my interests at heart right away and supported me to catch up with the course. I felt I was not just one of her many students but she treated me as an individual. She is supporting me in every way I need even now, long after the course has finished.

Sharone taught me how to breathe again. When I am fearful, stressed of a difficult task, I breathe Sharone’s way. Breathing has not come easily to me, but after practicing long enough Sharone’s techniques, I can switch my mood from fear or stress to power, enthusiasm and trust. I started her program only six months back and now I sleep better, I am more in the moment than ever before in my life. My relationships are better because I can react to the people in my life in the ways that I choose. Moreover, I feel more clear about my goals and see them realized with more clarity and faith.

Bob Proctor’s program led me to Sharone’s class. I can say now that God wanted me to take Bob’s program to meet you, Sharone. I cannot thank you enough for the dramatic changes that I have experienced in my life and I know that this is just the beginning. Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you ! You are a beautiful, wonderful person Sharone! I am so lucky to have met you!

New Jersey, USA

I am presently leading a project that is so much bigger than myself and I was searching for some practical tools to keep me strong, calm and confident to move progressively closer to the manifestation of my vision, despite the obvious challenges a project of this size entails and life’s inevitable curve balls.

As soon as I began to working with Sharone, subconscious fears and limited beliefs about myself, my worthiness and ability to lead this international endeavour began to surface. Freeing these blockages made a significant difference in my ability to continue taking courageous steps forward, whereas before I most assuredly would have abandoned the whole project, because of self-sabotaging behaviour, a natural consequence of poor programming and self-doubt..

A commitment to practicing the techniques Sharone put together in a program designed especially for me, has made such a difference in my life. Not only am I more confident in my role as creator and executive producer of an international reality tv show for teens, but I have also stopped needing to control how the manifestation of my vision will unfold, calmly trusting that everything will align naturally from inspired action.

In fact, I am so impressed with Sharone’s expertise and intuitive guidance that I am honoured to include her as a live coach for the teens on our show, knowing that she will provide them and our global viewing audience with invaluable tools to better understand their power and cope with life’s challenges.

Sharone, I am so happy and grateful for the voice that resides within you and expressed through your work!

Yours in the joyous co-creation of GREAT and WONDROUS things!

Susan Boxer
Life Success Consultant
Hello There Sharone,

It is ALWAYS my pleasure to be able to speak with YOU! It seems whenever I speak to you, great things happen. You are my angel!

After the exercises this morning, about 45 minutes later I suddenly awoke with a burst of energy, incredibly! It hasn't left me yet. I went to my appointment to propose a large equipment deal, bam, the customer accepts the deal. I was totally calm. When I got in my car I obviously was overjoyed, it was like hitting a home run!. Immediately after that I fell back into a very calm relaxed state. I was still excited, but a very calm excitement. Then I received another phone call of a large deal that is possibly heading my way. I certainly hope things are happening for you the way they have been for me.

This has truly been a great day for me. Even having to deal with other problems in my company I find myself a totally different person. I know you say it is all me practicing the exercises not you, but I still feel you have been the difference. Ican communicate with you unlike I could with other teachers. It's like bread & butter, they work together. So I am sharing the credit you so very much deserve.

I hope you have some other program for me to get more involved in after this ten weeks. I find you to be a truly great person & I treasure the time we spend working together.

I'll continue to be your prototype, willingly LOL

Thank You So Very Much,
Burr Ridge, IL

Sharone, is a gifted teacher who clearly has a great passion for helping others. Through her guidance, the weekly practice and meditations revealed that they are indeed a powerful tool that I can now use as part of my personal development.

Greater clarity and better health were my two main goals starting out. After our initial ten weeks the most wonderful thing was to realize that, indeed, I was well on my way to realizing those goals. Each week something seemed to "happen" in my life that brought me in line with and closer to the realization of those goals. That is the beauty of the work Sharone has done with me. In addition I find the practice itself to be extremely calming and refreshing. The warmup exercises seem to remind my body of the place where it can just be, without judgement, so that I look forward to doing the meditations. I have found that with continued practice of the work come results that appear in the most gentle, natural way.

I thank you Sharone for being so kind and genuinely interested in helping me on my journey as well as for introducing me to and guiding me in this wonderful work. Your down to earth, good natured, warmth, compassion and humour have made it a joy to work with you.


I highly recommend the 10 Week One-On-One Coaching Program offered by Sharone Benegbi! The value added benefits of working with Sharone greatly exceed the cost!

Sharone’s Calm Confidence Program is a truly unique experience, because it combines the benefits of Yoga & Meditation with personal goal achievement and emotional growth. Sharone takes the time to “connect” with you, understand your needs & ambitions, and then customize her program around you

I have not only enjoyed the benefits of the yoga & meditation techniques, but I have received great insights and even therapeutic benefits from my one-on-one coaching sessions with Sharone each week. Sharone “genuinely cares” about the people she works with and will always go the extra mile to help you...

Lake Hopatcong, NJ
I have practiced the techniques/meditations daily. I am very pleased with the
Wailuku, Hi
It is extremely empowering to know that through these techniques, I can affect how I "feel". By breathing properly during the exercises, I immediately got a "tingly" feeling and/or an immediate result of getting in touch with Me! I've found Calm Confidence is not a "band aid" but a regime that I can adopt in my daily life. Through disciplined efforts, I "can" change my feeling and therefore my results! Simply put, like a Newton's Cradle, I get out of me what I put into me! Sharone Benegbi is a true professional and displays her servants heart in every lesson and contact with me. It's evident to me she has my success in mind and I' am grateful to have come to know her.
Roy Gunderson
Edmonton, Canada
I had heard many favourable reports about Sharone's Calm Confidence course and enrolled with exciting expectation. I was not disappointed. The breathing exercises alone were profound. Our ability to control our breath is one of the most important skills we can learn and will enable us to control our emotions in the most challenging of situations.We live in a society engulfed in mediocrity and negativity and Sharone's teachings - to help us stay calm in the midst of everyday life - are a gift to us all. The 10 week series accompanied by a weekly manual,live phone sessions and downloadable MP3's are an essential "toolkit" foranyone seeking greater control over their life. And if this isn't enough,Sharone's genuine desire to support and help each studentis palpable. She is a true being of sharing. I highly recommend Calm Confidence.
Peter Field
United Kingdom
I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed the Calm Confidence course and how beneficial it has been to me. Being able to read the manual, download the session to a CD as well as hear the session by phone for an entire week provides both learning and reinforcement---a constant connection. Communication with you via email and phone provides connection and support at a personal level. Although I am sorry that Week Ten has arrived since I will sorely miss the weekly lesson, I am looking forward to future courses with you. Thank you for creating the Calm Confidence course and putting it out there for us.
Ella Berne
Wow, it really is like "turning on a switch". I can't believe that I spent so many years frustrated with my lack of success or even progress when I had the answers within me all along. I now not only feel empowered, I am empowered. I no longer react to negative situations; I convert them, or simply discard them before they can affect me. I won't go into a lengthy listing of all the wonderful things I have experienced since taking your program, but suffice to say that you have changed my life forever. My abundant financial success, healthy relationships and physical wellness are the true testament to the brilliance of your program. I truly thank you.
Bronte G.
Toronto, Canada
What can I say except. “Bless you”. Your inspiring message has changed my life. I was never one to believe most of the claims of cuccess coaches, wellness consultants or self improvement programs. Call me a skeptic, ‘cause that’s what I truly was. But, you’ve made a believer out of me. It really works. Thanks again :)
Neville A.
Orlando, FL, USA
I enrolled on Sharone’s Calm Confidence beginners’ course without much expectation of any major changes in my life. I imagined that “meditation” was a way to get some stress off and relax at the end of a hectic day; little did I realize that what I was getting into was the most life-changing, practical, “hands-on” workshop that I had ever encountered. The information that Sharone teaches, and the techniques that the student acquires are not only easy to learn, but once practiced they become so rooted and a part of daily life that it becomes second nature to enter into a state of peaceful calmness at will. With so many challenges we face in daily life, no other tool, teaching or technique that I have ever learnt comes anywhere near to Sharone’s course material to help anyone cope and remain poised, regardless of what may be going on around you. I am now into my second course with Sharone, and can honestly say that the decision to enroll on the Calm Confidence series was probably the single biggest investment that I made for myself in the last year, and words cannot adequately express the value that one gets by having acquired these tools. I highly recommend Sharone Benegbi’s courses to anyone who wants to acquire the authority to take charge of what is going on around them.
Nesbert M
South Africa
Something deep has been stirred in my soul. I feel like a big "missing" is being filled and I want this Kundalini Yoga in my life for ever. Sharone just makes it easy because she is so open.
Annie D.
Gaitherburg, Maryland, USA
Sharone's teachings of the 10 Body Meditation is something that is just indescribable. It has such an individual impact on each person. For me it has been a growing experience internally and externally that builds upon itself each week...Thank you for sharing Sharone's Calm Confidence with us.
Barbara D
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
"My wife, Deborah and myself had heard of many friends who were studying the benefits of relaxation of the mind to improve results in life and had just waved off the idea of needing this in our lives. Then through Bob Proctor we were introduced to Sharone Benegbi and her teachings with a 10 week tele-seminar that has forever changed our views and results. We highly recommend this program to anyone, at any age who is willing and able to commit to one hour a week for improved returns in their personal and business lives."
William & Deborah T.
Bend, Oregon, USA
It is a wonderful class and concept. I am really looking forward to taking a class locally because of this introduction.
Kalyn H.
Clovis, California, USA
I have done yoga before but my body finds some of the positions rather hard. When I received the email from Bob Proctor about 10 Bodies Yoga I felt the urge to have another go and I am so glad I did. It is different to what I have done before less movement and trying to get my body into certain positions and more breathing techniques. I have notice huge changes in the way I think actually I think quite differently now and we haven't even finished the course.Initially when the changes were occuring I was having to spend time alone because there were so many tears. Cleaning out of the old to make way for the new. I would recommend this course to any one who wants to be the the director of their life and the master gardener of their soul. Thank you Sharone
Gidgegannup, Australia
Sharone is a living example of what she teaches...calm confidence. Her course has been amazingly informative and has me connected with my inner self on a much higher level than I have experienced before. I would strongly recommend her program to everyone who is interested in the technologies and benefits of yoga! Thanks again.
Leanna L.
Sharone's program has helped me tremendously to become more focused and relaxed. When I started with the course I had doubts if this would work for me, but I after six lessons the exercises are having such a lasting impression on me and I feel a different person. I look forward to my daily meditation session every day, and what is great is that once mastered the exercises become habitual and are easy to incorporate even in a busy schedule. I would definitely recommend that this work should be incorporated into the coaching program as a module on its own.
Nesbert M.
Centurion, South Africa
In addition to all the awareness that I'm getting from all the material, Sharone's course has enabled me to really quite my mind and to develop the discipline to meditate three times daily, focus and visualize my goals and get truly emotionally involved in them.
Julio F.
Bradbury, Australia
I feel so empowered now that I have this "tool kit" available to me. I can immediately shift whatever emotion is coming up whether it be sadness or anger and move through it quicker and then I can respond more appropriately to the situation. The calm confidence I am beginning to experience is so powerful. Thank you...for this wonderful opportunity.
Ashbury Virginia, USA
Thank you...By taking Sharone's program I'm calmer and clearer, and I've noticed a nice improvement in both personal and business relationships.
Jimmy K.
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
Hi Sharone, I want to say thank you for your course, I have learnt so much and I know that I am having benefits already. I am not as reactive, I have learnt to 'breath' in all situations. I am feeling more connected, sometimes my emotions really do come to the service, if feels good because it feels like there are shifts taking place within me, would that be correct? I am always a lot clearer after tears. I am definitely sleeping better as I like to practice the meditations designed for before bedtime. Once again, thank you so much for what you have brought to my life, a new awareness, thank you.
Trish D.
Pelton, NSW, Australia
Sharone's program is far better than any other meditation/yoga classes I've taken. I would recommend it to everyone...She is very talented.
Belle C.
Fremont, California, USA
Sharone is a caring, dedicated teacher doing a great job of presenting this amazing technology for relaxation and self-development.
Clinton, New Jersey, USA
Sharone Benegbi is a true professional; the Mind Methodology she employs is clearly the most effective I have come across. Her teleclasses leave her participants with an understanding of how to take calm control of their world. This is the prerequisite of all success. I am happy and pleased to endorse her good work.
Bob Proctor
Chairman, LifeSuccess Group of Companies

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