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"Fifteeen years of professional experience has gained her acclaim from Israel to Indiana; from Africa to America. Sharone is unquestionably one of the world's most effective instructors in the technology of personal mind control. She leads her students into a mental state where Calm Confidence is maintained. Participants of Sharone's programs learn the ancient technique of mentally returning to a calm confident place at any suggestion of a challenging situation. The Benegbi Mind Methodology System is unique; it is the composite of Concept Therapy, Yoga and Meditation. Participating in a session with Sharone is an experience you will long remember." -- Bob Proctor

Sharone Benegbi has made it her life's purpose to provide tools that empower individuals to reach their highest potential of happiness, health, financial success and peace of mind. Sharone has developed her unique system of Calm Confidence and the Mind Methodology approach through her extensive study and training of many Yoga styles and systems, Human Development, Human Behavior, Wellness and Psychology.

Sharone has received praise and appreciation from students around the world. She is a gifted teacher and motivational speaker whose wisdom, compassion and keen insight have helped lead many people to develop and embrace their own inner gifts and achieve greater levels of financial and personal success.

Sharone and her Mind Methodology Systems have moved her to the front lines of the personal growth and development movement. It is based on a need that has been created by the new economy - for people not only to succeed financially, but also for those already successful, to fully enjoy their success with health, happiness & a calm, controlled state of mind. This is taking success to a whole new level.

The Benegbi Mind Methodology systems at the core of all Calm Confidence programs are based on the merging of ancient and modern wisdom. Mind Methodology utilizes Yogic postures, breathing techniques, the science of meditation and sound, and practical everyday perspectives. Sharone feels grateful to have the opportunity to share this unparalleled technology for personal growth with an ever-expanding audience.


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