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One on One Yoga Therapy
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New Program
Calm Confidence Relaxation Series
10 Weeks to a New Perspective

A powerful independent program that will assist in letting go of built up tension and at the same time deeply relax. You will learn how to manage and eliminate stress effectively and not be negatively affected by external circumstances. The series includes basic warm up exercises, powerful breathing techniques, relaxation segments and transformative meditations. Be prepared to change fast with practice, commitment and diligence! Enjoy the process. Sharone will be available via email for questions and feedback.
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Calm Confidence Health & Wellness E-Book
Learn how to change your thoughts, feelings and behaviour so that you find ease in every situation and therefore, progress in the world.
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Calm Confidence Graduation Health & Wellness Program
This 5 week program is specifically designated for those who have graduated from any one of the Calm Confidence programs and is now looking for additional support.
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Calm Confidence One-on-One Coaching
Imagine having 10 weeks specifically designed for you with a focus on helping you achieve your goals and lead the life you are meant to live with Courage and Calm Confidence.

Experience a transformational journey towards Calm Confidence.

Learn and experience specific techniques and exercises
that will change your life forever:

  • Learn to stay present at all times and connected to your breath

  • Strengthen your nervous system so that you can cope with stress
    and challenging situations

  • Balance your glandular system to achieve clarity and optimal health

  • Learn breathing techniques that will calm your nerves and cool your emotions

  • Practice Meditations to increase your level of focus and awareness,
    and transform negative thoughts, patterns, and behaviors

  • Transform fear, anxiety and doubt to discover the power within

  • Work through co-dependency, addictions, unhealthy patterns,
    reactivity and emotionality

Learn how to create this discipline and incorporate it into everyday life so that you will naturally become more calm and confident in everything that you do.

Change requires more than intellectual study. To experience quick and lasting results, you must engage in the process and take action - starting today!

"When you take control of yourself, you control your world. Sharone teaches this concept better than anyone I know.”
- Bob Proctor

Note: You may choose to use a headset to facilitate note taking and exercise practice

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