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By purchasing this 10 Week Success e-book, you engage in 20 principles that need to be sharpened in order for you to manifest your higher self: awareness, creativity, communication, balance, concentration, the human heart, conscious breathing, relaxation, courage, motivation, decision, neutrality, vibrant health, intuition, relationships, meditation, self-discipline, joy, strength and energy. You will learn how to change your thoughts, feelings and behaviour so that you find ease in every situation and therefore, progress in the world. The experience is heightened as breathing techniques, relaxation demonstrations and exercises are provided, all of which go to work on your physiological self, helping you deal with all types of physical, mental and emotional stressors, immediately. RECEIVE CALM CONFIDENCE with Sharone Benegbi is an opportunity for you to reach beyond the life you are living, discover your true potential, and take success to a whole new level in both your personal and professional life. The great thing is, with your purchase, Sharone is available to support you through the process. Use her as your muse, a guide and personal coach that steers you into a realm of action to gain your satisfaction! Why procrastinate? Why live another day without the happiness, peace and abundance that is your birthright.


*All prices in US Dollars

Discover the keys to unparalleled levels of fulfillment:
  • Strength & Courage: These are the antidotes to fear. Become who you want, and get what you want. Reveal happiness, which is a state of mind, and also your birthright. It is your choice how you will live your life. You deserve success.
  • Energy & Motivation: Achieve the vitality and resolve you need to do what you truly want to do. Through lessons, exercises, and meditation you will achieve mind-body balance, power and endurance.
  • Vibrant Health: Learn practical, effective techniques to stay healthy, prevent disease, and manage stress. These techniques work directly to release tension and transform anxiety, depression, anger and addictive behavior.
  • Intuition: This faculty, which must be trained, will protect you from danger and uncover the essential key to making good decisions.
  • Decision: Understand how to obtain and assess information. In every moment of life you make decisions that have lasting impact. Learn to make good decisions.
  • Leadership: Develop your ability to lead by example, and learn take initiative in everything that you do.
  • Neutrality: Through a scientific process you will develop the meditative mind, and achieve objectivity. Learn to assess pros and cons in every situation and not be controlled by external influences. You will learn to let go.
  • Clarity: Through the filtering of the subconscious mind and countless thoughts you will experience a release from indecision and crippling feelings such as doubt, fear, guilt. Become certain, decisive, balanced and effective. This is the way you are meant to live.
  • Patience: If you learn how to be patient and persistent in your life, you will have everything that you want.
  • Trust: You cannot fully trust another person until you learn how to trust yourself.
  • Self-Discipline: Gain control of your thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Learn how to stay clear of external influences, negativity, and unfavorable situations. Be released from fear, anger, negativity, guilt, anxiety and darkness. Deepen your level of commitment in the areas of your life that are most important to you.
  • Joy: Develop your ability to uplift your spirit and maintain a positive attitude at all times.

*All prices in US Dollars

What People Are Saying:


I purchased Sharone Benegbi's 10 week calm confidence program and instead of ending at 10 weeks, it went on for at least 15- 20 weeks, she really does go that extra mile for you. Before I started the program I had many road blocks in my life, but now I have a healthier and clearer path on where I want to be and where I'm going.

One of the many benefits from the program was me stopping smoking cigarettes and weed. Right at the beginning of the program Sharone wanted me to have optimal health and to get the full benefit from the program, so right there and then I made up my mind that I was going to stop punishing my mind and body with the smoking.

I set a date as to when I was going to stop the smoking, it would have been 3 weeks into the program and without patches or gimmicks I stopped smoking on that day. I did have a few relapse, where I would really crave for a cigarette, but what amazed me so much was when I did have that craving and I went for a cigarette was how horrible and nasty the cigarette tasted, there was no enjoyment from it at all, the taste and the smell just seemed magnified and that was from one pull. So the meditation I was doing had a real effect on helping me combat my addiction in a very short time.

My immune system has dramatically improved as well. Last year I had a cold which was one of the worst colds I have ever had, for the simple reason it lasted a whole 4 weeks, but this year when I had a cold it lasted 4 days, which was truly amazing. I also love the fact that my intuition as become strong again, it is now guiding me on the right path to success. I'm able to think clearer and make the right decisions in life.

Sharone is a wonderful human being, whom I truly looked forward to speaking to a on a weekly basis, I'm going to miss our calls, but with my daily meditations she will always be with me in my mind and my spirit for the rest of my life..

I thank you Sharone and God Bless You!!


United Kingdom

""My wife, Deborah and myself had heard of many friends who were studying the benefits of relaxation of the mind to improve results in life and had just waved off the idea of needing this in our lives. Then through Bob Proctor we were introduced to Sharone Benegbi and her teachings with a 10 week tele-seminar that has forever changed our views and results. We highly recommend this program to anyone, at any age who is willing and able to commit to one hour a week for improved returns in their personal and business lives.""

William & Deborah T.
Bend, Oregon, USA

"Thank you...By taking Sharone's program I'm calmer and clearer, and I've noticed a nice improvement in both personal and business relationships."

Jimmy K.
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

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